Duck trap


Yvonne Koolmatrie
Born 1944, Widinna, South Australia
Resides Berri, South Australia
Chris Koolmatrie
Born 1967, Tailem Bend, South Australia
Resides Berri, South Australia

On a trip to the Northern Territory to participate in a String Festival in Darwin, Yvonne visited Maningrida in central Arnhem Land where she met many of the skilled weavers from that region. The string used in Duck trap was made in Maningrida and was provided to Yvonne in order to make a piece for the 1997 Venice Biennale exhibition that featured her work, although this piece was not ultimately included in the Venice exhibition.

Yvonne teaches her family how to weave and has encouraged her son to revive net weaving. Duck trap is the result of a collaboration between Yvonne and her son Chris.

Traditionally, nets such as these were used by hunters who forced ducks into flying down into the nets strung across the river by throwing boomerangs, which appear like predatory hawks to the frightened ducks.


Yvonne Koolmatrie and
Chris Koolmatrie
Duck trap
Maningrida string
180.5 x 538 x 10 cm
Collection of the Artist


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