Interview: Baraparapa Elder Esther Kirby

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Baraparapa Elder Esther Kirby talks about what the Baraparapa cloak represents, its connection to the Murray River; and the importance of possum skin cloaks for staying connected, for pride and belonging.

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Possum Skin Cloak: Baraparapa

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I'm Esther Kirby. Originating from Balranald. I now live here in Kerang and I have connection to several tribes. The first two being Waradjuri, which is my paternal grandmother, and Yorta Yorta, which is my maternal grandmother. My grandfather, Billy Murray, he's connected to this country here which is mainly Wemba Wemba. He's also connected to Burke.

A lot of the story is connected to my family anyway, because we're river people. Everything that's on here also represents right up and down the Murray River.

These are important because, these are just keeping it real. It's not just for covering. It's for staying connected and for the woman's place. Not to keep her, what's the word? Not to keep her in line but this is a pride and a sense of belonging.


Interview: Baraparapara Elder Esther Kirby,
Sarah Rhodes, producer,
Koorie Heritage Trust, 2011
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