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”I selected site for proposed water tower at south end of Woodland Grove, which position is considered to be most suitable from every point of view.” Commissioner Ryan, Wodonga Shire President, 1923.

Completed in 1924, Wodonga’s Water Tower supplied water to residents and businesses in the town of Wodonga up until 1959.

Since being drained in 1960 the future of the Water Tower was the subject of conjecture, but it is now an integral part of the town centre.

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Film by Chris Pidd, and Jenni Munday, featuring Dennis Kovacs, Ian Cramer, Mavis Chapple, Margaret Bennetts, and Jean Whila.
Project Director: Malcolm McKinnon.
Project Coordinator: Karlie Hawking.
Produced in partnership with National Museum of Australia.
2001: A Space Odysey performed by New World Orchestra (P) 2003 EMI Records Ltd. Licensed courtesy of EMI Music Australia Pty Ltd.
Tower replica by Dennis Kovacs
Archival still images reproduced with kind permission of Wodonga Historical Society.
This video was created as part of the Murray Arts “Stories of the Upper Murray” project, with assistance from the Commonwealth Government’s Regional Arts Fund, Regional Arts Victoria, National Museum of Australia, City of Wodonga, Shire of Towong, and Museums Australia (Victoria).
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