The Saleyards Made Wodonga


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"A yard through which passed so much stock was a big business and in a town in the heart of such a valuable pastoral industry it was wise for the civic leaders to provide the best possible conditions.” The Border Morning Mail, October 20, 193

People travelling through Wodonga and along the Hume Highway between 1935 and 1980 couldn’t avoid the Municipal Saleyards on both sides of Elgin Street.
Built in 1935, the saleyards catered for cattle, sheep, horses, and pigs and were the site of the second largest one-day sale of cattle in Australia.

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Film by Karlie Hawking and Dirk Spennemann, featuring Jim Parker, Patricia Corooran, and Phyllis Hallawell at Wodonga.
Project Director: Malcolm McKinnon.
Project Coordinator: Karlie Hawking.
Project Assistance at Wodonga Saleyards: Robyn Calder
Produced in partnership with Wodonga Historical Society.
Archival video reproduced with kind permission of Film World Pty Ltd. Archival still images reproduced with kind permission of Wodonga Historical Society, Phyllis Hallawell, and City of Wodonga.
This video was created as part of the Murray Arts “Stories of the Upper Murray” project, with assistance from the Commonwealth Government’s Regional Arts Fund, Regional Arts Victoria, National Museum of Australia, City of Wodonga, Shire of Towong, and Museums Australia (Victoria).
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